Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Archaen Ministries Begins!

Hello everyone,
Whether you've been directed here from KKIM's website, found it on facebook or just stumbled here by sheer luck, let me know what your thoughts are- be real! be honest!... or not... but we'll all know then, and we'll shun you for it... kidding! Anyways,

- Until I post next, good luck and God bless!



  1. I was glad to see that you started this blog Ryan. I as well have some Ideas and I am looking forward to getting this server so that we can take the next biggest step toward getting archaen further off the ground. Also, I wanted to know if this is the kind of template that you were looking for that you are using for this blog spot. If so I can let Chase know and he can model the website after it. I can't wait until August I have alot of ideas and it will be nice to hang out again. Its been a while.


  2. Cool. Yeah, I was playing with the template yesterday and decided on this one- you and Chase are completely free to knock yourselves out with website design. My plan was to house our radio show, Speakeasy, brought about by Archaen Ministries, which is primarily talk; our official site, however, can house all our various media and side projects- that's where we can employ our server too!

    Seriously- knock yourself out! I also have a bunch of questions for you on the tech end. How should we do this radio show, if it's prerecorded, when we have Lindsey, myself and Katie all co-hosting it? What and how much can you handle on your end? Also, is there a way we could set it up so it sounds like old-time radio without loosing quality. What I mean is, could we find a way to have a "live from Hannibal (or Quincy)" sort of touch to it?

    -this comment is way too long already- let me know... thanks!