Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Once upon a time,

I'll come right out and say it, then.

I still believe there's magic in the world.
That its real and its strong and its good.

Real magic reminds us to have more awe in all the little things we pass by.

That things don't have to be fully understood to be appreciated.

That there is power in the words stories are woven from-
only in the story's form can truth be delivered.

God told us a story once- just one.

and it still shakes this world of souls today.

We are the God created- what stories do we tell, in turn?

Do we show with our lives that there is beauty in goodness
that even in the midst of ugliness greater powers are at work?

What do you and I have to show with our lives?
Our words?

Just something to think about...

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