Thursday, December 30, 2010

Facebook is good

I'm upset.
Now, this is not terribly unusual, but nonetheless, I think someone needs to tell you about it.
I'm upset about Facebook. Not them per se, but people being dumb about them. I was told that some high ranking member of a church out east had an affair with someone else over Facebook, and now the pastor of that church is preaching that Facebook is evil and that Christians should cancel their subscriptions.
Does someone not see the error in logic here??!!?
But that is not what bothers me. Preachers can go a little crazy sometimes, especially when a problem hits very close to home. But what upsets me is that people are listening to him. Now that really upsets me. In the past couple weeks, I have had two friends that live far away from me and a close family member cancel their facebooks. That family member is a very close family member. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons this member of my family paid for internet to their house was to keep in closer contact with me. How can they talk to me without facebook? I don't have many daytime minutes on my phone and this family member lives in an earlier time zone and goes to bed ridiculously early! What am I to do? Email them? What about pictures? What about real-time updates with what is going on with their lives?
Also, this other friend, like, I don't want to call them. They have a new baby. Actually, they are closer to my husband than to me. Dont get me wrong. They are my friends too, but I dont have alot to say in a phone conversation. Facebook allows me to build my relationship without being stuck on the phone, awkwardly not knowing what to say. I'm a shy person until I am completely comfortable.
So, now for the analysis of the logic of this pastor's position, the critique, and my very passionate and illogical accusation about the cause of the problem:
This pastor's argument is that because Facebook can foster affairs, people should remove themselves from compromising environments and not use Facebook. Um, just because drunks drive cars, that doesn't mean we should outlaw cars. If these people had an affair, they would have had an affair anyway, if the temptation were provided to them in a different way. Dont blame the cars, dont blame Facebook for what stupid people did on it. Facebook, like cars, are neither good nor evil; it's what people do on them. Alot of people (like me :) ) are using Facebook for good. Why deny yourself that goodness? I can bless you, uplift you, cheer you, advise you, be a better friend to you through Facebook, especially since I live about 1000 miles from most people that I know.
Now for my baseless accusation that I think might be true. I think that some Christians are afraid of Facebook and its power. No one can deny that it has changed how people interact with each other. Think of the sheer number of people that this little website has directly affected. There is ALOT of power there. And I think some Christians, especially Christian leaders are afraid of it. Christian leaders have the responsibility to instruct their followers on how to interact with others, and if the nature of how people relate is altered by Facebook, the Christian leaders have to do some quick thinking. So, I also believe that Christians, and perhaps all peoples, tend to justify anything they want and demonize anything they are scared of. Now, Christians, at least the ones who have decided that Facebook is evil, have been waiting for something bad to happen so that they can justify their fears. And look, wahlah! Someone is condemning Facebook! How extraordinary! My conclusion, this whole thing is stupid. Why should we cower when cowards tell us to flee? I have tasted and I know that Facebook is good. I have been blessed by it. Soo,

BOB, JEN, NAMELESS FAMILY MEMBER, STOP BEING STUPID AND REDO YOUR FACEBOOK!!!! I want to talk to you again. Besides, it's free and texting the same messages cost money. So there.

Most sincerely,

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