Monday, January 3, 2011



My good friend, Rachel "Tippy" Tipton is working on an amazing project with a guy I knew in college named Clarence Hogan.  Tippy works at Care Net Atlanta, in the inner city and was recently offered a community outreach position.  Ironically, she and I had been discussing how there needs to be more of a movement focusing on the issue of the fatherless people and children in our society.  Why?  Because it touches and impacts almost every person in our societies and communities.  I work at Juvenile detention where something like 70% of my students come from fatherless homes.  I see that this is something that has been growing for a long time, and I also see the effects of it.  Tippy has a son, and the father is not in the picture.  More often that not, 75-80 percent of kids involved in gangs today have no father at home.  Why has this issue been ignored so long?  No any more.  I encourage you to check out the ABBA PROJECT website (  This is the project that God has brought to the attention of Clarence and Tippy, and put on my heart.  Clarence is more than willing to come talk to small groups, churches, camps, youth etc.  Check them out.  I am excited to be telling you guys this because I think we will see God move in a big way!  Even the fatherless have a father.  Please note the website is not finished, but check it out as it is in progress or contact either Tippy or Clarence for more info. Have a fantastic first week of 2011!!   

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