Thursday, January 13, 2011

One Thing, then Another

So, just finished a great conversation with my brother-in-law (surprisingly for once, no, it's not Lorenzo)- he's getting ready to graduate from High School this spring-

I think God leads us along a path in our life- and it's a wonderful obstacle to bypass when you come to soul searching in your life about what you're going to do- where you're going to go to know something... see, I always thought there was this one thing God wanted me to do- my best guess was Christian radio, but what I'm learning now is that in our lives as we chase after God- it isnt so much the thing we think we need to do so we can equate that to following God, as it is to just simply following God. As we chase after God- we are led to many places, unexpected and often times distant. But the thing that remains constant, like a north star, is that we are not so much chasing the places and things to do, as we are God.

This is very relieving to me... for the longest time of devoting my life to be in Christian radio, I subtely thought that if i didnt go into radio, I was going against God, or at the very least, missing out on something. But when it comes to God, we miss nothing if we are with Him. Life is in the living, after all.

There are natural consequences to choosing one path and not another, granted.
We will meet different people based on which way we choose- and that will shape us uniquely.
But we are still us under the shaping- and I am confident that God infinitely knows what he's doing.

... Which is good, because I sure dont...



  1. It is a great place to be when you don't know where your life is going, but you know WHO is holding your hands and leading your life. I agree that you can,t go wrong with God in your life, he works all things for our good, even the bad decesions.

  2. So true God does know what He is doing! Especially when it is His plan not ours. The one thing I have learned over the years is that God is not a God of confusion.He blesses us with our obedience even in the hard times...

  3. I like that even what we think is obedience ends up really being not- we end up finding out that maybe it generally didnt matter- that our life choices are all within God's plan. It's a where ever you go, there HE is sort of thing... thanks for commenting, both of you, BTW!