Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Remember Me"

"Remember Me"

I take communion at church and I dont really think about it.
I go to church every Sunday and I  have to admit I dont feel much different.
There is something I am missing after I sing all the songs and shake all the hands-

and lately im realizing that it's Jesus.

Not the theological one
or the historical one we defend-

but the Jesus that saved me from dying of Cancer.
The one that is there every morning when I wake up-
and every evening when I finally go to sleep.
Im missing Jesus as God-
Jesus as my friend.

If He were on Facebook- I would probably be the annoying "friend" always sending invitations to games- the guy that passes you in the hall and asks 'how are you?"
but doesnt really care how you answer the question, walking away.

Walking away.

When I take communion, or get ready to celebrate Easter this weekend
and we get all dressed up and get ready to be thoughtful about a man we never saw with our eyes die for us-
There was one simple wish he told us during his last meal on earth-

"Remember Me."


and it seems like that's the one thing I dont really do.

I dont mean to be a downer- im just trying to be honest.
God says that we know love because He first loved us.
And I think if we meet God, we cant help but love Him, if we are honest with Him and ourselves.
And If we love God- we'll love people just as much-
it will flow out of us like living water.
But if we have gone dark inside-
how great is that darkness?

"Remember Me"

He asks me to Remember Him every day.
Every Single Day.

Remember his Death.
Remember his Life.

Remember our greatest Friend- the one that is teaching us how to love more and more each day-
so that we who have nothing would have something-
a life changed by his Love.
There is nothing else.

So that when we remember Him
we will- because we know Him.
Every day.

This God that hears my heart every day
and knows what I carry around inside-
knows that the only real healing will come from Him alone.

So if you're like me-
open your eyes
unstop your ears
and let yourself feel

What Jesus Christ is doing right now. Today.

Because He promises that if we seek him with all our hearts-
we'll never fail to find Him-
And know love.

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