Monday, April 18, 2011

Why is this so hard ( to get) ?

You cant manufacture honesty.

There is no ingredient x when it comes to loving God, loving people, and in turn, knowing what it is to be loved, yourself. Just think about that. Too often, the church wants to do this because it's easy, because people want a system and leaders enjoy power. I dont want to believe in a God who puts his stamp of approval on the powerful, the greedy, the prideful- I'd rather be known by the people who clung to Jesus because they realized that's all there ever was. So when the churches go dark one day and America is no more- the Ancient faith which held people close like magnets to the Real God who is there- will be what I was known for. Sure I have a blog you're reading- sure I have a weekly radio show... so what... there is no substitute for honesty. There is no substitute for the relational God the Bible and real life is all about. It wasnt a theological system that saved me from death by cancer when I was an infant- it wasnt from dressing nice for church on Sundays or being able to recite the books of the Bible that give me Living Water- it was Jesus. The Man. The God.

I wasnt saved to I could be agreeable.
Or pleasant.
Or quiet.
Or even religiously passionate.
I was saved to I would know God,
and through knowing him, love.

And not in an a+b=c sort of proposition, either.
Because lets fact it.
Life isnt an equation.
It's hard and wrinkly and sticky- and often times it hurts a lot.
I want to believe, as best I can, in Jesus- who rolls with the punches and helps the lepers.
That's the nice thing about loving Jesus- you dont have to know everything for him to love you back.
Sure it's not something that I can take pleasure in, because I can put it down in a theology book or a Bible insert- but I'd rather take what I've learned living about Jesus, backed up with how He shows himself through the Bible than anything else. It's not complicated. It's remarkably simple.
We know love because He first Loved us.
If we know him, we cant help but love him-
and so we cant help but be loved and love others.
(why is this so hard for us to get?)


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