Thursday, June 30, 2011

Archaen (Challenge)

Here, in the middle of the moment,

I feel shaky... not myself.
Like I've been wanting God and I to be on a better level than what I've let it become.. sort of dwindling.
Ever feel the same?
Because I feel off. Jumpy. Like the words and same old stories I tell day in and day out just arent right. Like they're canned- fake. Like I want genuineness with myself and God that I havent been allowing, and that circumstances hinder. So Im left with what I am, instead.

I am also thinking about Archaen Ministries. I want to keep reaching you, somehow. I want to keep encouraging and impacting your life and your mind. But I think I need your help to do anything else. The blog and Speakeasy radio are good starts, good tools- but I wonder if we're a bit too rapid fire with too few targets. This needs to be a community. And if you keep coming here for more- awesome! Please talk to us about contributing. We would love more authors- and radio hosts, too. If you're able to start discussion groups or maybe your own SpeakEasy wherever  you are- awesome. I think Archaen is bringing something honest and real which is missing in so much the church and Christians have been trying to offer. I want people bringing their two-cents to the table- to engage the status quo around them with their own lives, experiences, talents and insights. This is a challenge. This is a challenge for you. And for me. And for everyone who ever thought differently about 'how things are' vs 'how things ought to be'. This is about us, voicing what we know is right... and our honest confusion... along the way, together. And together, forming a community of people bound together with the common purpose of helping each other and ourselves with our own stories and questions- deep or small. Fleeting or brewing.

That's what's on my mind. And I would love your ideas, support, involvement and prayers.
This doesnt exist/work without you. (yes, you- the one reading this right now.) Open table- blank page-
how can you help? Let us know either by commenting on the post with a way to reach you- or by emailing me at


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  1. We love your encouragement to all of us! It would be great if we could call in and talk to you live on the radio. We will keep praying for you brother!

  2. wow, thank you, whoever you are... I've been really praying about this, trying to think of how to grow this thing- see the blog about it...