Friday, June 10, 2011

us before the mirror

For everyone who was ever angry about church or upset about God- figure this.

Are we confusing the two?

While ideally, people who claim to love God and go to church ought to be a spitting image of God himself- it doesn't always happen. Maybe many of us are just upset with a false image of a puny God who bickers about random, out-dated tradition and obtuse cultural trends, and rightly so.

Perhaps most people have not actually met the real God.
Perhaps that's where all this anger and cynisism all trace down to.

I know that you cannot meet the real God and not be changed-
(that's double-negative talk for If you meet the real God, you will be changed)
So think about that- tell the angry masses that if God is really real, and if you really are seeking him, you'll find him- who knows- perhaps he's the one seeking you... Perhaps we are the ones that are hard to find or abusive- maybe this whole bitterness about religion thing really does trace right back to us.
If we refuse to hear, we will be deaf.
If we refuse to look, we will be blind.
If we refuse to feel- then there is nothing.

For many today, it is not a simple thing to find God, or to allow ourselves to be found by God...
many time people dont simply choose not to feel or search or see...
often times we dont know how to- or didnt know to look- or cant because we are going through titanic emotional issues inside.

Granted. And God knows.
and since God is Love-
I ardently believe we will be found in the end.
lost children for a loving, searching father.
God might just choose you anyways.
(in fact, im sure He will...)


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