Thursday, August 4, 2011

Something Different, Something Old

Right now,
I am sitting at one of my favorite spots at Java Jive, a local coffee hot-spot in Hannibal, MO.
Steph and I have just moved and more or less settled in the house.
I wonder if people who regularly read these posts wonder about us, the writters.
Or what random daily blogging has to do with God, or Ministry or Christianity, or anything else.
It's funny because I think too much about the exact same blogging process as I'm writting it, too...
So, here's the run-down:

I already assume people read the posts because we've been at it for over a year.

I firmly believe God is living and active in the Great AND the Mundane, and because He does,
I fully endorse and encourage myself and others just talking about everyday life. I think it helps keep sanity in the discussion, both for the writter and the reader.

I enjoy controversy, and challenging who and how we think about, especially when it comes to theological and metaphysical conversations.

I do this because I love it. No other reason. I think the  greatest murderer of honest aspirations is Ego- often seen through greed and the de-humanization of a dream.

I inherently believe that living by and through Grace is not simply an action done or a word spoken, but a deep path or life-style which we either embrace or run for our lives from.

I'll leave you, dear reader, with those for now. This week on SpeakEasy, Language- what works and what doesnt... (for you who've listened faithfully, yes, yes... I know we had a similar show to this a while back... but hopefully with time we'll bring you a slightly different brew of thought and insight- make sure to listen!! It's on KKIM Saturday nights at 6pm- listen online at - oh, and please pray that a station here in Hannibal or Quincy would pick up our show, too!

Thanks and God bless,


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