Friday, September 12, 2014

Calling on the Autumn Winds

I feel like writing today...

it's Fall once more- the weather here in Hannibal has darkened to dull, overcast grey skies promising rain to come now. Right now I can feel the change, sizzling and crackling, like invisible energy in the air. Change. A promise of things to come. Wistful. Hopeful. Change. And it's about time, too. I have to admit I'm a bit impatient for it... yesterday, I was thinking about how Fall is a time for change. From the leaves to new jobs. Moving. Having children. Remembering old friends and dreams.

Does your own heart yearn and call for the Wild places? The Holy. The Sacred. The Set-apart?

Mine does.

It's funny- I've found my mornings pretty well planned out with writing or reading- coffee-brewing and letting the dogs out for a backyard romp... but when afternoon hits- I feel listless... caught between the horns of feeling the indescibable pull, insistence, demand, to do Something... married with the plain fact that there really is nothing to do in my house right now. What can be done, generally, is.

It's during this time, I've really come to appreciate inpromtu visits from friends... the base feel of joy when my wife gets home... watching the droplets of rain splash down on my windows- or drop with plinks and plops into forgotten summer gardening pots- empty on my back deck.


The feel the wind bites and nibble at my cold skin just before the sunrise up over the Mississippi river. A Yearning. A Change.

I remember CS Lewis writing in one of his wonderful tales about how we could only call out to God because he was really calling out to us. Calling on the Autumn Winds. 

It may have been a hard, long Summer- The Old Ways may not make sense any more... our Old Selves may no longer be able to answer our Old Lives... but listen to the Winds... There is a New Voice on the Breeze...

Change is Coming.

Jesus is calling out to us on the Autumn Winds...

only your own heart can hear and respond now.

God Bless.

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