Monday, July 5, 2010

Honor, Glory and Good Friends

I just got a facebook message from a friend of mine from college. What really blew me away was that she told me I was someone she looks up to. Wow. That's incredible. I mean, Im really, honestly, just your average guy. I try to do the right thing while also trying my best to be honest and genuine. I guess the funny thing out of it all is that we always seem to forget how God honors us through how we live our lives. Let me explain. (Not that you couldn't let me, since this a blog and you can only read it... heh heh...) When people live good lives, honest, loving, uncompromising, caring, there are natural, built-in consequences. You can become known for being Christian through your love. To de-mystify John's words here, it is through your relentless strive, your heart's foundation, to emulated what is good and right, just and true.

Something I hit on a long time ago was that whatever is right is good, and whatever is good, is right... and if you encounter something which claims to be good, but isn't right, you have my permission to raise an eyebrow and disengage yourself from it. This principle, coupled with a motivation to love self-sacrificially, has helped guide me through many a turbulent storm in my personal life, and in the pursuit of the formation to my own personal theology. How I deal with people, regardless of age, rank, race, religion, sex or political affiliation is grounded in it. Choose to love, for the day is near. Do it long enough and you will incur one of the highest human honors- you will be known for it- and that is a gift from God.


  1. YOu are a guy to look up to. And i'm older than you, so that's quite an accomplishment. (I'm also taller...)

  2. thank you so much... I just dont understand why more people have common sense, is all.