Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh Humor- Muse of mortal men!

I just finished a wonderful meeting with Shawna Rampley, a friend I've met as I start to put roots down into KKIM Christian News and Talk. She had great counsel for me about how this process of shifting into this new phase in my life can take shape.

A little back ground for those new Archaens among us: On that little sidebar next to this post, it says something pithy about how I just graduated from Hannibal LaGrange. When I say "just" I really, actually, honest-to-God, do mean just. Only a few months ago, I was sitting in such beloved classes I called Inter-Personal Excruciation (Communication), voice and diction (VD or, more popularly, Vice and Affliction) and the weighty Media Law and Ethics...

Anyways, something I'm learning is that switching from college life to my present state is something massive and full of much brow-furrowing. And yet, the secret lies in little things we all ought to have been practicing all along. Things like honest thankfulness to God (the secret to joy); or being able to truly love on ourselves (because, after all, the Big Man upstairs does...); and even simply remembering to breathe once in awhile really do help transition for any change in life. And, may I remind all who faithfully and introspectively read Archaen, that as my wise high school world economics teacher (who I have forgotten his name) once said, "Change is one of the few constant things in life..."

Sagely advice from a public school teacher is now coupled with learning the hard way. From thinking and using common sense- and, most importantly and effectively of all- learning to laugh at our selves- to play in our minds, so to speak. To not take ourselves or our situations so seriously to- as Matthew Hill so eloquently put it on his show, to, "Rock the Apathy!"

Now let me say something else, now that you've already invested several seconds or minutes of your life (depending on how fast you read): we can only really laugh at ourselves not when, at the immoral Lord Byron said, "and if I laugh at any mortal thing, tis that I may not weep.", but when we laugh because our lives and situations are truly funny. When we come to a point when we realize how much God loves us, how much He cares and is actively working and planning in and for our lives. And when we come to actively know this day by day, you and I sport our depth or shallowness of how much we know God's love for us, by how we love ourselves.


and I thought I knew love and I wasn't apart of those namby-pansy who try to make God's love all boring grand-theologian and philosophical like... but I realized only minutes ago, that I beat myself up to a mental pulp sometimes... I mean, how does that denote how I love and know Im loved by God... not to mention how I treat others?

That's where humor comes in, you see. Those ancient greekses believed that all life could be equated to either a tragedy or a comedy, depending on how you saw it. And I say, life is unequivocally a comedy of epic proportions. You just have to be in on the joke, so to speak.

God loves us... a lot.


You are now officially in on the joke.

Now, go out among the people of earth and laugh heartily!

God bless- ryan

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