Friday, October 29, 2010


Sometimes I feel like there's a whirlwind of people zooming by me-
like all these situations and chances that God put there blur by at a billion miles an hour
and I cant even take everything in.

maybe it's just my coffee running low this morning-
but I feel as if - like just now as someone else came into the KKIM radio studio-
that my heart is growing larger to take in all the people God runs across my path.
People seem like they're not used to being given the time of day anymore...
We're all rushing around in circles, and usually we don't mean anything by it, either.

God begins with people.
We're all made in his image and so, in a sense, we deal with images of God everyday.
How do we treat them, I wonder?

Fast-food workers and Walt-Mart greeters-
telemarketers and pastors-
teachers, soldiers, the homeless...

-you know?

I think it's in how we naturally treat people that reflects how we treat God.
Like my wife says, she always wishes she could poke God and have him poke right back...
many of us are used to stale, meaningless religion in our Bibles and Churches
and then we psycho-analyze ourselves trying to figure out what's wrong-
and what we'd really do if/wen we finally meet this rumored God we preach about so fervently...

And we treat the people made in His image all sorts of ways- nearly all of which don't fit our stained -glass spirituality. When we cut through the excuses, we treat God like we treat people. 
now how's that for meaning?

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