Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Income to Impact

Giving.  No, Not just another refrence to Thaksgiving (as if we need another reminder that holiday season is in full gear...)  but serious GIVING.  What am I talking about?  WELL, I have noticed lately that giving of all kinds is a bit shallow.  What I mean is, at church, the pastor has to ask, no even ask but beg for people to give 10%.  Really?  We have become so self involved that 10% is a burden to us?  If we can't give 10% to somebody/place/ that needs it more than we do, what kind of state are we in?  I think we are maybe a little self rich and a little spiritually broke.  Maybe we are misguided.  I used to loathe giving.  I hate writing a check to something and not seeing where my money goes.  But you know what?  That's just the problem.  It's not my money.  God gave me my job.  He pays my bills.  My husband and I have recently tried really hard to tithe.  It is very hard for us because we are usually so careless when it comes to money.  We tried something different, however and it is really making me feel like its important.  I am going to challenge you:  Give 10% of your paycheck to something.  "Wahhhh does it have to be to the church?!"  I'll challenge you further:  Give 10% of your paycheck to something God puts on your heart.  Does your neighbor seem like they are struggling financially?  Does a kid at your child's school need extra money for a coat or school supplies?  Do you have a soft spot for the humane society?  I am challenging you to take 10% of your income and change it from income to impact.  I gurentee God will direct you on where it should go and whoever needs it most will be blessed.  I'm not kidding, try it out.  You will be amazed at what giving can accomplish when you actually put thought and compassion into it.  Let me know what happens:)

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