Thursday, October 7, 2010

empty roads and pasturelands

It's October now-
it's crazy how much has changed...
summers' over
I graduated from Hannibal LaGrange College
and moved back to Albuquerque

I got married

had an awesome honeymoon on the Oregon coast

God hooked me up with a great job

my grandpa died

two of my dogs died

It's balloon fiesta

there's so many pieces of life that float by-
it's like the picture is too big to take in all at once.
It's too good to taste-
too real
too heart-wrenching
too golden red like the sunrise today.

I often wonder if people like you and i get so wrapped up with everyday life
that we forget- or blind ourselves- or whatever-
to life as it is.
there aren't really any analogies or metaphors
that do it justice.

I relish in the joy-
I find comfort through the pain of loss
and then the next day comes
golden and bright
colder each day as fall dies
and winter comes on.

Have you ever had a day where you felt the peaceful quiet
like one of those quiet Sundays in Moberly, Mo
when I was going to Central Christian College of the Bible
all the trees leafless
the only sound
your crunching feet
and the tolling of church bells
just you and your thoughts
and the wind.

drink it in

each second is priceless.

take in life more.
every last hue.
each little movement.

time to dream just a little bit longer-

take in all that God blesses.


  1. Good blog posting. I love the photo of Moberly too!

  2. thanks bob- I love that picture! it was my background for the longest time... what did you like about the post?