Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Music Our Collisions Make.

Sometimes I think we need to consider that God is building us a spiritual resume.  What the heck is that?  WELL  Take a good long look at your life.  Where has God been in it?  What lessons have you learned and what are you still working on?  Are there times you were at your lowest?  Above the clouds?  Of course.  All these things, the good, bad and unsure moments in your life where you have seen/done/used/run from/expirienced/shared something, are a part of your spiritual resume.  I have been on a journey all of my life, really.  I remember certain places and feelings and moments that stick out.  I didn't always know (and still don't always know) where i'm going.  BUT God has always taken me where i'm supposed to be.  I went to Panama.  Oddly enough at the time, I wanted to go to Belieze, but I ended up going on the panama trip instead.  Why?  Because God had things for me to do there.  He also had things to do with me there.  It was the perfect situation for God to work.  He brought me back to Panama 3 years after that again and ignited a passion in me for those people.  He helped me learn Spanish along the way, which brought me to teach English for a summer in Mexico.  He brought me to Bible College for a season to learn some things, and teach me, too.  He brought me back to NM.  Everything I have been exposed to, or grown out of, I am now using.  All these things had a purpose.  IN their time, ad in their places, they had an ending goal.  God built my spiritual resume to follow along a bigger path. 

All those things and times and places were not just coisidence.  He uses those things when they are needed.  He puts you in places with starngers because you are needed.  He gives you a gift for learning Spanish because right now it is needed.  He created courage out of a self centered twenty something year old named Lindsey and is molding her to be used, because, she is needed.  A kid at my school asked me for a Bible the other day, out of nowhere.  I believe God put me here, in this class, this week because it was needed.  I plan on getting him a Bible, and I know that because God made his path and mine collide for this moment, it was in the bigger picture.  There's a quote by one of my favorite bands (and they're Christians too, which is rare for me, lol) MEWITHOUTYOU.  It simply says this:

but what good's a single windchime, hanging quiet all alone?
the music our collisions would make
is a sound that turns the road-that-leads-us-back-home
into Home.

the music our collisions make!

God takes life's collisions and makes music instead.


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