Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Once upon a time...

So, I've been trying to write this dumb fiction story for 
practically five years now- 
And a recent brush with some e-publisher friends of mine really got me thinking,
how much of all the pages and hours and cups of coffee and late evenings creating on computer screens and note books got me-
nothing publishable- not yet, at least...
some people- they get stories and get them out like bolts of lightning from clear, blue skies...
but for me it's always been a challenge to work out with my hands just exactly what my heart and mind feel.
Today, I had music on in the morning- just getting ready for another day at work at the radio station- 
and I realized as I poured my coffee that maybe it wasn't all so much as writing the story as living it.
The goodness and rightness in the face of our starkest, darkest fears- all that I was trying to communicate via my words is something I can do now- today, through living life where I am.
I mean, let's face it- the only story we all really live in is real life, right?
What sort of character would I want to be?
Who would I stand for and how would the pages and pages of heart-beats sound like?

Sure, I'll still write my heart out (once my dumb writers' block goes away!)-
because, in the end, we do what we love in one fashion or another.
But maybe all I wanted to say, I can say this week. Or today. Or maybe even right now:
it's just this-
live like how you love- without reservation or fear-
get messy
be a hero
or a victim-
so long as you learn 
and love
and sing the words out loud
like there's no tomorrow.


  1. You're getting on the right track, Ryan :)

  2. thanks, shona- I certainly hope so. how I write and live are tricky things- too much planning and they get stale- too little and they're all over the place!