Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Name.

I feel like I should share this today.  I had God talk to me once.  Well he does, a lot, but this one time, he made his voice so clear, so still, so perfectly distigushed that I knew it was his voice.  I was about 23 years old.  I remember from the time I was young, not liking to pray out loud or at all, really.  I know it sounds blasphemous, but I guess in reality it's like I never really knew how to talk to God.  People say that you are supposed to talk to God like you are having a conversation with a freind, but, from what I heard at church and everywhere else, it didn't make sense.  Their prayers were very lofty.  They said things like "Gracious father, I thank thee for....." and so on.  It all seemed like a big, cheesy hallmark card to God. I didn't want to be cheesy, nor did I want to be a hallmark card.  I wanted my prayers to be real, thoughtful,  honest and not sugar coated.  If I was mad, I wanted to be able to tell God I was.  If I was sad, I wanted to tell him why, without all the fluff.  Did you know there are an upwards of 20 names for God?  They each are used in the Bible to tell his people a little about himself.  They describe one or a fw of the many facets of who God is.  He shows himself through these names and makes himself more personal and real to those wanting to know him.  He uses them to send a message to people asking things of him.  When I was 23 I decided that I was going to ask God for a name to call him when I prayed.  I would ask, and then, I would wait until God spoke.  I wanted a name to call him, my friend, when I talked to him.  I guess I thought it would make praying more personal, and it would give me a sense of openess with God.  I waited.....and waited...and waited.  A month in fact, but finally an answer came at the strangest time in the strangest way.  I was sitting in class when two words almost seemed to be whispered into my consciousness: "Sanctus Dominae".  I have never heard these words before and was caught offgaurd.  I looked around the class to see if maybe somebody said themout loud.  Everyone else was working on their tests quietly.  Wierd.  The words just repeated in my brain the next hour or so bfeore I got to my dorm room.  I decided to google them and figure out what, if anything, they might mean.  Latin.  Odd.  I don't even speak Latin.  I've honestly never even tried, lol.  Apparently "Sanctus Dominae" means "Holy Lord" in Latin.  It was odd, but I asked and God answered.  It made it easier to know what God wanted me to call him.  I appreciated God making himself known, personal and open to me.  I have since started to pray, no, talk to God like a freind.  A friend who's name I know.

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