Monday, October 11, 2010

The Stream of Conscienseness

I think if we let ourselves think and feel through paper and pen (or blog, for that matter)
-we'd surprise ourselves with what is on our minds and hearts. When we let our heart's hopes and dreams, our desires, frustrations- mundane activities, memories and prayers spill out, we're able to get outside of ourselves and peer in. If we can get in the habit of expressing ourselves through whatever it is we love- we're able to see ourselves a bit clearer- like wearing reading glasses or looking into a polished mirror.

We're able to take these dreams that flow out of us (that already are bubbling up inside- just waiting for a way to escape) and chase after them.

One of my favorite verses comes out in the message where Jesus is talking to some blind guys, and he says, "Become what you believe".

I love it.

Hold your dreams close to you, follow God and pay attention to what he's saying and how he's saying it- and in the right time- the perfect time, as God wills, the doors begin to open.

More often than not, everything you need to begin the path chasing after your dreams is right in front of you- but because it's so common place or not the fancy, flashy version you always imagined it would be, we tend to discount them and wait.

If only I had this-

or If I just had enough money I'd buy this-

The boy with the five loaves and two fish gave Jesus what he had-

and Jesus did a miracle-

he fed thousands of people.

So what are your loaves?
what do your fish look like?

All your memories-
your experiences-
your thoughts and passions-

Your Story is a powerful thing.
In God's perfect time and will,
unleash it.

Don't ever forget-
don't ever be persuaded otherwise.

-just a reminder from someone who just remembered too.

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