Thursday, November 4, 2010

Iron and Wine

It's funny how really chill, relaxing music can get you feeling yourself out...

I'm at work with Pandora on one of my favorite iron and wine stations and i feel as if I can tell what my heart sensing underneath the layers of personal walls, stress and bravado i emote all the time...

i can really tell that there's stress and major worries within myself
-and not just the oh, how am i going to pay the bills, worries, either...

something more core- more deeper than all those things-

like my heart and soul are hungry
and they remember the goodness which once lingered underneath past joys which now only reside in memories...

i think that we chase after joys through events and things
and sooner or later we start chasing those events and things instead of the joy underneath them-
and then we wonder what happen after one day we hit a wall...

it's a very interesting thing, i think-
how the joy itself is much more elusive than the thing we think it comes from...

that's sort of the basis for one of my deep rooted beliefs that God is good through and through-
because where do you think those joys even come from in the first place?
their straight from the heart of God to us, in order to spur us onwards to something He's leading us all to-
which is probably Himself (the sneaky guy!)

God is good.
And he sends us joys to lead us to the source of all the joys we ever loved.
it was never the events or the things themselves which we crave-
but the one who sent them in the first place.

-God bless


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