Monday, November 15, 2010

Near Death Expierience Stories. A Christian Perspective.


So I am an oddball.  I am interested in wierd things and I have a silly little habit of researching the entire extent of topics i'm interested in.  Lately, I have been curious about NDEs.  What is that?  Well an NDE ias typically the acronym for Near Death Expirience.  I think everyone has a little curiosity about what happens after you die and its interesting to hear what people claim to have expierienced during and NDE.  I believe in God, so, of course, this only furthers my interest, as a lot of Christians and non-Christians alike have had them.  Science will always seek to rule out these sorts of things by coming up with loads of possible explanantions, however, I think that a soul, is something everyone has.  It gives you your will to wake up, go on, your personality and your temprements.  I do not believe that we only exist in a body.  I am far more romantic than that.  I believe there is too much about the universe we don't know about and I don't want to limit myself to bad knees, runny noses and the occasional chocolate craving :)  Anyhow, there is a compilation of a bunch of these NDE stories on a site called  This is a Christian site but if that's not your deal, there are plenty of others also.  Some of the stories are incredibly comforting, others, terribly scary.  There is one on that site about a bhuddist monk that I thought was really interesting, He talks about being a good monk, almost dying and seeing heaven and hell.  There are things that spiritually irk him into realizing that God is real.  He came back to life after 3 days and started preaching about Jesus to the Bhuddist people.  Amazing.  Go read his story if you get the chance, it is incredible!   Check it out.  I just like to be reminded sometimes that life is so fragile, poetic and that we are more than just skin and bones, and that God is alive and that Heaven (and Hell) are real places and God loves us and sometimes allows people to see a slight glimpse of him in paradise.  That kind of love blows my mind. 

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