Monday, November 15, 2010

Window to our Souls

I dont know about you,
but now is a hard time for a ton of people-
and there's a very good chance you know exactly what I mean.

I work in radio sales and hear time and time again- we just don't have the finances
aka- we're broke or just making it... and those are typically the good cases...
maybe it might help just a little for us to realize we're all in this together-
we're all not alone-

Because a lot of the time God uses poverty to get us to listen- really listen-
to exactly what we'd never hear when things were good and we had the finances.

I've seen God work- i guess that's what I'm saying...

all the time, i encourage people to tell what God is doing through their own lives-
whatever it is, however they see it...

and right now, i think we fall back on our traditions and our formulas when things are tough.
We tighten our grips on our purse strings when we should loose them. I mean, how are Christians let alone anyone else help each other out of this slump if we wont even help each other? 

We always read the lines in our Bibles about God hearing the cry of the poor, and I don't really think we ever thought what it'd really be like for that to be us. Because now it is. Any maybe we need to own our poverty. Maybe we need to drink down our shame and feel the heartstrings of what humility not chosen looks and feels like.It's a big step from having money make us who we are, to having just us and God reveal who we are. Maybe we need to see through a glass clearly- not burdened by money but moved by hope- not because it's right but because it's all we have.

just something to think about...


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