Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why was it we dreamed, again?

I think this week on SpeakEasy (KKIM AM 1000 out of Albuquerque, NM, USA, Saturdays from 6-7pm, listen live-click the mykkim link at the top of the page) We're going to talk about the point.

What is the point?

People get worked up over the craziest things...
like there's this weird polarization between the young and the old. If it's not how we've always done it, it's evil or something... strange, huh?

Ever wonder about that?
I do aallllll the time.

Like all we hold sacred is reserved only for gilded temples or the dusty pews of half-empty churches-
why is that?

Whatever I value is where my heart is- right?
and it's not like I value the groovy orange carpet in my church- you know?
So why would I really care about it?

Shouldn't God be in the thick of things?
Where it's dirty and ordinary and miraculous?
Not stuffy and harlequin.

Something to think about:
when John talks about how to know God is to love because God is love- until your love is your live and it is God (in some super-cool mystical sense)- you are in God and He is in you because it's your whole life- the ordinary, like when you buy groceries, or drive around town, or have Thanksgiving (if you live in America)- that has to do with God. Couple this with how Jesus explained what your life (or "breath" in the Hebrew) means: loving God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength- with your whole life.


remind me how what Jesus and John explained has ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to dressing up nice for church- respecting sanctuaries (huh? I thought People were God's church...)- behaving- or following popular Christianese trends...

It's something much simpler and humbler than pretense-
more personal than choice
more present than what's popular
more real than what's accepted.

Why would I ever trade living (loving) for idols like these?

What is the point-
it's not reserving your place in a cloudy heaven
being socially accepted in church
or weeping at the altar because you "ought to"  ?

What if God didn't want play-acting?
Wasn't satisfied with prayer-journals?
or impressed by Sunday-School attendance?

What if we lived with our souls and our hearts, instead?
Why was it we dreamed, again, of goodness-
if we couldn't ever touch it-
or know it
or feel it
or live it.

What's the point?

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