Friday, December 10, 2010

AM in your PM!

This Saturday kicks off our series of holiday season inspired radio shows!!  YESSSSSS!  I am so excited!!  We will be discussing an amazing quote and some Holiday things and I (yes, me, your ridiculous co-host) will be giving you a lost of community must sees.  I am going to scour the papers and bulletin boards of all coffee shops in town and bring you the best activities and events coming up around Albuquerque!  You will know where everybody who's anybody kicks up their bootheels to have a good time.  Don;t forget to tune in this saturday for SPEAKEASY RADIO from 6-7 pm, every SATURDAY NOCHE at KKIM 1000AM or streaming from cyberspace at  Where we try our hardest to PUT MORE AM IN YOU PM!!!  Cheerio for now!!  

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