Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snapshots of God- a picture Blog.

The most fantastical imaginative blog yet.....

Okay, okay, so here I am sitting in my husband's office at his desk on a Saturday doing what I do best, procrastinating.  But during my frantic search for things to supplement tonights radio show topic, I stumbled upon a true gem.  This website is fantastic.  It's like a photo gallery/devotional/blog/inspiring piece of somebody's life that makes me want to learn more about them and their walk.  I will reference it tonight but for those of you cheaters out there who want a sneak peek early, go checkout this website/blog awesomeness.  I see the world in pictures too, so I feel like this guy is talking to me, and he has a great way of painting a picture and showing you one as well, to get the point across.  Nice work! Go to: and check it!!!

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