Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Real People

I figured out near the end of college that I don't think I'd ever be very content not somehow making my job about showing people who God is and helping them express through their own language what it meant...

It's kinda what keeps me going and leads me on, i guess...

When I see the glow or shine in someone's eyes that says, "I get it. I heard from God today."
I think we get so easily tangled up in how we think we ought to address people or think of people... basically communicate and express ourselves we miss the real person standing right in front of us. It's hard to understand people- really understand them- when we stereotype them in our heads or feel unable to express how we really feel about them. 

People make this whole talking with God and treating people right business waay too hard- it just takes a little more time and a little less feeling the manic need to defend ourselves...

Your story matters, yes.
It's very powerful and moving, yes.
It should be a best seller/premier movie, yes.

But what is your life without God?
Or the goodness of others?


And that's OK.

In fact, it's more than OK-
it's beautiful.
It's what makes it best-seller worthy
blockbuster successful. 

our dents and dings and scratches, through the mercy of God and the love of other people,
is what makes wonderful creatures, or else not.

Let me hear you- comment on this one if you read it already!


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