Tuesday, January 18, 2011

God from the top of a Volcano

I went to the Petrogyphs the other day with my husband and chum, Erin.  We went in the late afternoon and hiked up the side slope of one of the three small volcanoes out in the New Mexican west mesa.  On one of those volcanoes are primitive rock drawings, most likely Native American.  There are 24,000 carved images. Many of the images are recognizable as animals, people, brands and crosses; others are more complex.  Sitting on top of a now inactive volcano and looking 360 degrees around the empty and beautiful landscape, I realize how small we, human beings are, and how big God is.  I have no doubt the first human being felt even smaller.  When you sit on a mountaintop, away from all man's arrogance, self centerdness, accomplishment, culture whatever, you begin to realize how petty our lives are, especially without God.  I think sitting in the awe of nature, in the midst of creation, you are brought back to a sense of just how big God is.

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