Sunday, January 23, 2011


Just a quick post for now
- this week has been crazy, but everything's right on schedule still... from my jeep breaking down on weds to getting a new car on sat. Now, at the very end of the week I'm relaxing at my parent's house, doing laundry- a football game is on and the girls are all talking in the other room. I have so many hopes and dreams building up inside me right now, and I have a clear head for once from all the stress that builds up from work stuff. Getting the new car got me thinking about how im excited to move in the summer to Hannibal and work on owning Steph and I's first home- get my masters and hopefully teach at my old college. The idea of finally being independent, and being able to take pride in the different things I own warms me up inside.

The feel of family is a wonderful thing- and I think that too many times people dont get a very good chance to see how a loving family looks and feels like. So much ache and pain throughout many societies and cultures across the world could be alleviated if people treated each other as they ought to- with a little common sense, grace and TLC. I think if we began with insisting that our own morality equaled our ethics- and then applied this to our own philosophy of life, a hint more of sanity and goodness could be added.

Always make sure that how you treat people- everyone- is good. I know its vague, but if you're with me, i think you'll get what I mean. And if you treat strangers with love- how much more your own family?

Just something to think about... (as usual :) )


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