Thursday, February 24, 2011

God of the Grind

God is the God of the Grind.

The past week has been self-evident of this- with a crazy work load and various doings.
My brain has a constant cloud over it and I cant keep more than two thoughts together.
Somehow, God is in the gears- the subtle movements and shuffling of papers.
In desk drawers and computer screens.
In stats and reports-
and (in my case)
long dusty drives to Belen, NM.
I cannot see Him- only feel..
in a sort of tired, dead way-
a buzzing in the back of my brain
when my body finally hits my comfy chair at home.
God is not the author of confusion, but of peace.
The whole thing is way beyond my understanding.
And perhaps that's as it should be.
God is not, after all-
merely summed up in
human equations and creeds-
in church faith statements
and attendance numbers
or in verses memorized
or baptisms performed.
How could we ever that that You could be so small and petty?
You are God of the stars
and the ocean
and the Grind.


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  1. Ryan,
    I loved this post. It is 100% true. God is constantly in our midst, even when we don't remember it. The bigger blessing is when we Acknowledge Him right smack in the middle of the grind. He always seems to smile and lighten the burden when we do.
    Thanks for your transparency.

  2. you're most welcome! thank you very much- I couldnt stand not being transparent. I think it's during times of great stress or upheaval when many of our typical buffering layers get pealed aside; and as we find ourselves forced to be more honest because we're just too exhausted to put up the old walls, God shows us a more honest view of ourselves and Him, too.

    Hi Ryan,
    Im so glad I followed ur link to this post. Its exactly the encouragement I needed today. I just needed to be reminded that He is with me even when others criticize. I had a BlogFrog thread going and a few people became very upset and defensive. Your post reminds me I belong to the God of all creation. Even when things get stressful He leads me to quieter waters. That is exactly where I want to be.

  4. Im glad you did too- I was so burned out the day I wrote that. You're helping to show me how the insaneness that was last week has a reason(s), and how good can come of it. I'm learning that sometimes God's peace isnt always wrapped up in a Focus on the Family Film ending- sometimes it's hard and gritty- but it's the only truly satisfying, wholesome thing we could ever receive from the Lord.

    Happy Tuesday!