Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love, for the Day is Long

"If you are a believer, people are watching your life. 
And quite frankly, your life
is the only Bible some people will ever read."
Yeah- take that one in and chew on it.
I bring it up because my old high school still makes me sad- 
I used to be the president of the Christian club there,
and walk the halls-
I know how many hurting people work there
go to school there
come home to parents who arent around or dont even care.
Where pop culture is king-
I heard today that the Gay-Straight Alliance group there is disgusted with
recent attempts by groups like Focus on the Family encouraging
homosexual recovery counseling.
Some people are still convinced that it isnt a mental/psychological condition. 
Some people still want to preach Tolerance like it's gospel.
That's why I keep saying we have to show Jesus with our lives.
and make love our calling card.
we need to treat people like people.
The typical reaction to this situation from a Christian would be anger...
but I know these people.
and that makes all the difference.
I dont know what I can personally do about this, but I know I can pray. (and blog).
Im praying for them to know what love is.
Im also praying for people to know them, and in knowing them, 
love them like Jesus does.
and to use each angry outburst as a chance to come 
and help the hurting in their hour of need.
It doesnt make it right-
but it can make a difference.
And we are the tip of the spear.
Pray for those who persecute you.
Often times they dont know any better.
Translate the Bible into their language through your life, everyday. 
and Love-
for the day is long.

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  1. Wonderful post Ryan. Your heart for the lost and sincere desire to be a living image of God are evident.

  2. thanks, Diane- it really tears me up, because I can put faces to the names associated with this. I can relate- because I went to the same classes and learned in the same environment that they are now...

  3. Agree with Diane! A verse comes to my mind often these days..."mercy triumphs over judgment..." Hands down...we need to extend it with everything we've got...

  4. Thanks, Michele- also, out of Psalms-
    a soft answer turns away wrath.