Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Augustine from Hippo

"This causes me  to recall the story of St. Augustine's death:
was one of the greatest  leaders of his era. 
His writings expounded on the awesome wonders of our God. 
His writings have been referenced for over a thousand years.
 One of his great  works is entitled The City of God. 
On his deathbed,
 surrounded by his  closest friends, 
as Augustine slipped away to be 
with the Lord, his breath  ceased, his heart stopped, 
and a wonderful sense of peace filled the room. 
his eyes reopened, 
and with his face aglow 
he declared to those  present, 
"I have seen the Lord. All I have written is but straw." 
Then he left  for his eternal home."  

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  1. Wow....I love this story of Augustine! So beautiful to think about when God truly calls us home. Thanks for such great inspiration and hope. Made me think of my Dad and how wonderful Heaven must be for him!

  2. You are very welcome.
    There IS hope.
    there Is a Happy Ending.
    and it is more beautiful than we can ever possibly imagine.
    One day you'll see your Dad again- and it will be more than you ever hoped for.
    God Bless

  3. Could you please tell me where this quote is from? I searched my church history books, including the Post-Nicene Fathers and couldn't find the original source for it. God bless you.

    Steve Long

  4. hey anon- good call- now I'm curious about the source material for the quote, too! I am searching and will respond when I come across it again...