Monday, February 14, 2011

Number the Stars

After a long weekend of being sick, im back in the normal swing of things again!
It's given me time to think about how we brush off many whispers from God
because we're rushing about our normal swing of things life.
Often times in my life- there are so many good people around me,
who love me,
and care about me
and want the absolute best for me
and when they speak,
I should really listen-
because I believe God works through people (among other ways, of course).
But usually it's as if there's a fog over my brain-
and I cant really take in what they're trying to tell me.
And I miss out on their wonderful wisdom and sound advice more often than not.

I also have to admit, I'm struggling finding quality time to spend with God, too.
Im just not a morning person- so that's out...
and when I get home from work, I'm mentally tired... so that's hard too...
but on Saturday, I remembered what it was like to crave special time with God.
And that's something I miss out on. WAAAY too much.

I need to find a way to listen to God's people and God all the time,
and be sensitive to the whispers of God-
because they fuel the fires of my heart and soul.
Without His voice- without His presence (in a very real way)
I end up trying to captain my own ship-
and I always seem to go down with my ship in the end.

Speak to me like Abram, Lord-
tell me to try to number the stars-
that is what your love is like for me.

Help me to trust you
and hear your words as you urge others around me.

You know my heart-
you know the plans you have for me-
help me to trust you
and be content.

Thank you,
so much.


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