Monday, February 14, 2011

All you need is Love. Really. That's it.

I like to use V-Day to celebrate my friends.  Instead of lamenting about not having anybody, or going off the deep end because you feel like buying a bunch of junk is somehow equal to showing you love somebody, try showing love to somebody in the way you act.  In fact, why not use V-Day to celebrate random acts of kindness to mankind?  Jesus loved us so much he died.  I was at Wal-Mart today and it was like national geographic watching people scramble to buy buy buy things, cards, candy, jewelry whatever, simply to say what somebody should already know: I love you.  It was also really sad.  People desperately want to be loved.  They want to know that somebody cares.  I think we compensate a lot with things when really, we should just treat people, all people the way Jesus would.  Love them.  Love can't be bought or sold.  It can not be substituted for a giant card, box of chocolates, jewelry or anything else.  Some people feel like they don't even deserve love.  Show them what love really is, especially today.

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