Thursday, March 3, 2011


I think it's easy to be a critic.

It's come up many times over the blog or SpeakEasy.

So, I think- instead of trying to call out Americans- Christians, the Church or anything else.

I will just tell you about Jesus as I've seen Him in my 23 years and a couple odd days.
I have seen God, the one everyone talks, preaches, confesses, hates, curses, ignores, loves, struggles with, doesnt know how to handle, refuses to think about, knows... change me each day, deep in my heart where the battle for me rages.

Some days, they are cataclysmic- my universe shatters.

Some days, I grow as much as a little seed just planted.

This guy, this God, that everyone has everything and nothing to say and think and do about-

well, that God is the one I'm talking about. (So dont be mistaken)

I have seen him show me how to love another human being- without reservation.

I have seen him bring life to the dead. (dont tell me miracles cant/dont/ no longer happen).

I've seen His scars.
I've heard His voice.
I am convinced of His love.

The God the Bible talks about is true.
The God that life speaks about everyday is real.
The God we always hoped for- the very best-
Well, He's real and He's not ever going to fit in a creed or dogma
(or even our own comfy ideological post-modern fantasies)

If you're curious- just honestly seek Him out and hear what He has to say.

Once you hear Him- you'll know it's a beautiful thing.

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