Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Letter to America.

To America and her People, both near and far,

my name is Ryan Freeman and I've lived among you for 23 years now.
Im not really anyone of much consequence,
and I am almost positive this letter will get lost in the electronic mail today;
however, I would like to bring to your attention
how each individual American's everyday
knee-jerk reaction to the fabric of our culture and eachother
has affected me in the hopes that one day we shall become that city on a hill once again.
To our success-driven culture- which, like our Congress or House of Representatives, represents our wishes as a whole- your dividens in my life this year are as follows:
Panic, fear, and exhaustion in the work-place.
Terror, that deep down, I will never measure up the the success-carrot wiggled always just out of reach in front of me.
To our schools, including the Christian ones:
in the public school system, when will YOU learn that simply throwing money at the problems, coupled with enough PTA meetings and ethically-neutral after-school progams will NEVER solve your child's deep seated desires to know and be loved.
To our churches: there is no such thing as "being real and relevant" if you can slap a logo on it and make best selling merchandise out of it.
The same goes for theology.
Either you know God, or you don't. Dont be afraid of the answer- if you do, you will simply be avoiding beginning of the solution: Jesus.
To our politicians: You are a product of the American people's lethargy, Media's miss-informative spin to the masses, and your own corrupt system. If you really believe in your ideological platform- take a tip from Chivalry- speak the truth, always, even if it leads to the end of your career. If you are going to be honest and real, then do it- genuine words without equally genuine actions are dead.

To you: it was never about you. If you dont want to want to change- without any reservations whatsoever- the true change we can believe in will never happen.
Either we as America will know the Truth, or we will never truly be free.

with heartfelt sincerity and hope,


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