Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Starving for GOOD Food

 I can feel the difference when I spend regular time with God

(as rushed as usually is)

as opposed to when I dont...

It's funny, but it usually takes me at least 3 solid days of 'God time'
to get me feeling better and noticing the difference.

I feel like it's been a long time since i had a good solid time with God on a regular basis...
as I probably said before... Im just not a morning person, and when I get home after work Im really tired... so im not quite sure what to do... but in the mean time, I do my best and hope things work out. I think God works so slowly sometimes that when you've finally noticed how he was changing you all along it sort of surprises you... but then again, it really doesnt...

I think if we were more honest with ourselves we would see that He's working all the time-
speaking, moving, ordering, creating

and I think that the real problem we dont know this as a sort of 'base setting'
is because the genesis of all our thinking begins with us... it is a very 'us oriented' way of thinking...
What's really crazy to ponder is that even if we did not exist,
things like love, goodness, honor, objective rightness and truth would still exist.

Truth exists outside of us.
And is not bound to us, nor merely exists as an extension of ourselves.

Just take that in.

I wish 8000 years worth of philosophers, alchemists and theologians would have begun there- wow.

What is different about this, is because the highest does not stand without the lowest. Truth, goodness, love is at work in all realms at all times. This is all because these are not merely ideas- cold little ink blots on a page or yet another millionth blog posting wandering somewhere out in the vast internet sea.

We are seeing the expressions of God. We are seeing Him at work when we see love- or beauty. When we hear refreshing words from a friend, or gaze into the night sky. We feel something like Him when we go home at night to our spouses or cuddle with our pets. ...
and people ask, 'where is God?' !
just look around.
If you think that, you're dying of thirst when there's a shockingly refreshing mountain lake right in front of you.

We see through a glass dimly now, dont you know... but sooner than we think, we'll see clearly.

I think when I spend regular time with Him, as best as I can, I'm a little more awake to all this.
A little more able to re-learn this basic goodness God's been trying to remind us all of ever since we forgot after the Garden of Eden...

I dunno,

Something to think about...

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  1. Nothing like time with God to renew our mind, hey Ryan? I've been meditating on Isaiah 26:3. I like the way the NIV puts it: you will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.

    Blessings, to you and Stephanie.