Monday, March 14, 2011

voice from Japan -Please READ-

You've probably seen a million pictures, sound bytes and news reels about Japan right now. I know Im fighting the notion to just turn numb to it all...
to just turn it off...

Here is straight from my friend, Anne Winters in Japan:
think about this- close your eyes and imagine this, instead of your glowing computer screen or cozy cup of coffee picture this:

"I'm not even sure how to be. 
At first I was watching the news all the time and it was taking a huge toll on me. 
I had to stop because it was traumatizing me to watch it, and to experience all the aftershocks and the stress of being in proximity to the power plants
I try to keep an eye on the news and be aware of what's going on so that I can update people on prayer needs and big news.
We sleep in our clothes, with survival bags by the door in case the big aftershock strikes in the night
we're told that there will probably be another earthquake, 7.0 at least, by Thursday. 
That is very stressful.
Everytime a strong aftershock hits, we tense up and listen, wondering if it's going to stop, or get stronger.
We always have the radio on."

 Get involved. 


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  1. My friends Bill and Mary Jo Ruck as well as my friend Drew Glosson and his wife are missionaries in Japan, exactly where the quake hit hardest. Here is their blog account: