Saturday, March 19, 2011

Forgotten By Mike Messerli

This is blog by a pastor named Mike Messerli, on his blog  Here is what he wrote:


I'm working on a new post. I want to tell you about it now. It will take a bit to write, but it's the story of a man that Jesus passed by, passed over. Jesus healed others, but he didn't heal this man.

Have you ever felt that God has forgotten you? Have you ever thought, "God listens to everyone else, helps others, meets the needs of those around me, but he's forgotten me." If you have ever felt forgotten stay tuned....we will talk about it.
Think bout the intro to this blog this week and I'll post his blog about it when he writes it.  I just thought it was an interesting lead in, and definitely something I have thought about before, too.  Have you even thought about it?  Let's ponder this situation/idea and see what pastor Mike says later....

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