Monday, April 4, 2011

Strange Roads

I think that being meaningful is something that drives us all- when we're honest about it.

People that I know dont just want to be another numbered paper-pusher in some corporate office.
Many of us have been taught and encouraged that with only one plan for life,
we are somehow locked into it.
For many years, while striving to achieve this the best we can
we often worry that we'll never make it-
but what happens once we do achieve it-
and suddenly with grim, inescapable terror
realize that perhaps that's all there is.
The idols we once fashioned with willing hands
become our slave drivers-
our standards become our vices-
our honor becomes our private shame.

That's something I wonder about.

I think that for many Westerners, at least-
our dreams are always somehow financial or business-related.
We yearn to 'make it'.

When we value and spend,
then feel stranded at the top of our own windy, hollow dreams-
we wonder what we missed along the way to end up how we are now.

Did God leave us?
Did we dream the wrong dream?
Are we always ever missing that elusive 'one more thing'?

It's a hard place and I guess Im representing it right now in my life.

I know God never leaves us (or forsakes us) all too well, so it's not that.
I know that dreams can be plural- often evolving as we grow and mature, so it's not that one either...
With the last one- perhaps its a sort of 'the right thing at the wrong time is still the wrong thing' sort of principle

Where does that leave us?
Where does that leave me?

Im not sure...

most days I have troubles thinking straight
feeling like my old self
enjoying life like I used to.

and for the LAST time-
it's not because Im weak
or I was over-indulged as a small child
or merely all some fleeting medical condition...

I think that right now, many of us are set up to burn out.
We have so much going on all the time- that if we arent simply left chattering fools
we're equally shallow shells of who we once were.

What's the answer?

If you're like me then here's what I've eeked out as best as I can so far:

God has a plan for you.
Sometimes its a hard, long strange road-
but the journey brings you to just the right places at just the right time-
with present circumstances set up for us perfectly-
with out who we are becoming here, where ever we are, right now-
life would be a much darker place.

You dont have to see God to change the world.
Every Breath a Lover of God takes-
every word from a life devoted to the Creator
changes the game infinitely.
Every action- a change-

and what's wonderful is that,
while it's still hard-
painfully hard-
God is always working- in ways which span generations, continents, and individuals
through means we will probably never fully comprehend-

For all the tired people
the weary
the down

that even if we cant understand God,
He is Good- unfathomably GOOD.
And he Loves you.

and of all the infinite choices He could pick,
he picks to simply and grandly love you.
Not because of anything you do or could somehow prove...
but just because...

and You are made in His image.
(and it's more than just mere looks we're talking about here...)


I dunno-

just a thought that keeps me sane these days...



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