Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Light in a dark place

Dear Co-Workers who are testing my patience today,

I will not gossip with you.

I will not tear somebody down for trying.

I will not indulge in your empty and hurtful words.

I won't stand there and listen to you be critical of people who give their best.
I will not let your sin and dissatisfaction with life bring me to your level.

I will build up.

I will work harder.

I will smile in the midst of a frown.

I will tell somebody they are appreciated.

If I see somebody struggle when the stress is too much, I will take some of the burden on myself.

I will pray their day gets better and leave knowing that my prayer was heard.

I will lift them up.

*This day was hard at work today. I have been struggling with gossiping co-workers, people being critical and spreading their toxic attitude to anybody who will listen. I think sometimes Satan uses our everyday interactions to try and slowly hurt us or belittle us. I won't feed into that. I refuse to be another burnt out light in an already gloomy place. I'd rather be the light people seek for comfort. God can be at work. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to be his light in the most angering paces. Don't fall into routine, only give and give and keep giving to those around you. Be a light.

I will

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