Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beauty and Celtic Music

Every once in a while the clouds break, and Im reminded that the sun still shines...
and often God uses music to do it. Right now it's celtic music off http://pandora.com (try typing in Sleepsong)...
anyways... it's our perspectives that are damaged in the turbulent seas of relationships. The power that our words have within ourselves and with others is powerful. Your actions today mean something- even if it's just treading water to keep you from drowning. Deep inside I have faith that God never puts us were we drown. But it is up to us to keep on living with right action in deed and word. When we focus inward and lash out, it means nothing- we mean nothing. We are meant for living- we are meant for others and for God... with just ourselves for friends, we're bound to go dark inside. I think that's why beauty is so important (I know, beauty, right?) Not just, hey, that girl is beautiful sort of beauty... Im talking about the sort of captivation which lets your soul shine- free- vibrantly- and gives us a taste of what life really is. For me, it's often music... and good stories... and when it comes to writing, it's Celtic music most of the time. Take what you do- find great music that you love or that moves you and put it on in the background to where you can almost forget about it and soak in your task... you'll nearly always find your love more enjoyable and the music sweeter.

I got the idea from CS Lewis, after a fashion, out of his book on Miracles- great GREAT read, if you have the head and time for it. As I recall, in his book, he was talking about how many people love nature (I can relate)... not everyone loves nature like he's talking about... like if you can feel in your bones when fall comes, and it makes your heart race and your mind relax all at once- or when you get lost in a forest, and as the evening light begins to fail, it is as if the tree shadows can stretch on forever into some place lost to all thought and time... what you do is when you are praying go pray in those places (or whatever your equivalent is) and try your very best to ignore nature while you pray... He suggests that you will get more out of prayer, and over time come to love the nature you pray in even more... just a thought, you know...

One more thing before I hit post- thank you very much everyone for reading Archaen... for all the readers in America... I always cant help but wonder who you are and where you live.. and how  you found the blog- for everyone in Russian who absolutely seem to love Lindsey's post on Disney Land... AWESOME... a little random from my perspective, but AWESOME nonetheless. For who ever you are near Sterling in Scotland- how in the world did you find Archaen? If you're up for writing for us, let us know- we'll give you a shot and we'd love to have you. For everyone in Canada- I just want to let you know that Im severely envious of all your trees and rain... there's not much of either in Albuquerque just now. Everyone in Mainland Europe- especially Italy, Germany and Denmark- what is life like where you are? How does what we're saying here move you waay over there? For everyone in Asia- thank you for being so faithful- know that someone thousands of miles away thinks of you and prays for you- you are not forgotten or insignificant. For everyone else- IM SORRY I CANT NAME THE WHOLE WORLD BY SPECIFIC REGION... but thank you too! I often wonder how much good many of these sentences and words hold- but I know that every day we grow stronger, that in some sense, we are a family. And though we may never meet on this side of heaven, we know each other- and when we finally see each other face to face, there will be no surprise- because we met a long time ago once upon a blog.

Thanks and God bless- keep on reading and contributing to life wherever you are!

Ryan Patrick Freeman
Archaen Ministries
May 10th, AD 2011

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