Monday, May 16, 2011

Fellow Traveler

A new week has got me anxious as usual.
I feel in my heart I wasnt made for all this.
Im finding things different than what they seemed-
in this hard pressed place we dream.
I dont like what I become sometimes,
and I yearn to be a new man.
There is not much here to help me change-
but I know that God is guiding me-
wherever it is we're going.
Faith hurts.
It's hard
and dark
and confusing.
And what often needs to be done
is exactly what we feel we cannot do.
And so a new week comes.
Much the same
just seven days ahead.
At least there are others with me on this journey
through the shadow lands
and if you read this and you feel-
you'll know you're a fellow traveler, too.
We are not alone.
We are not the hollow men.
No bang,
no whimper-
only follow on
to where our lives, as gifts, lead.
Take heart fellow traveler,
for you are not alone.

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