Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Ever-Constant Changing

It's so refreshing to be excited about something again.
When we go for long whiles down in the dumps,
it's a glorious thing when God starts filtering down the sunlight again.
After lots of prayers- we begin to see our faith rewarded.
Often times when we pray during hard times,
all we can see is that hard time-
it taints our view of life and the world and God.
Our perspectives are fickle things and not often to be trusted.
Wherever you are, pray- without ceasing, if you can.
Because once we get out of our circular grumblings in our heads,
back down to real life-
we find that there are people all around us simply begging to be helped.
And new leaves to be turned and roads to be traveled-
but it all starts with perseverance, a lot of faith and, of course, the hard prayers from the driest times.

I cant really predict what comes next,
but I know that whatever I knew about God and goodness is constantly being raised to even higher pinnacles.
Jesus is really just that good- we just have to trust him, give him a chance,
and stick with him over the long haul.

It shows us who we really are- and it causes us to grow into someone else- the person, I think, we were always supposed to be like, deep down inside: Jesus.

Thanks for reading, everyone!


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