Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Real sin stabs from the back.....

I was listening to a sermon on the radio today.  I never do that.  Usually I find them boring and a little angering.  BUT this one was really interesting.  I have n idea who the pastor was or where he was from or anything, but he has an interesting point to be made and I thought i'd share it, because I have never thought of it the way he put it.  He was discussing the armor of God and how it protects the front of you.  As Christians we are supposed to always be moving forward, never looking back.  He said he thinks this is why your front is alway protected.  He also said that there is no armor in the back, because we are not supposed to retreat.  It makes total sense to me this way.  Think about it...Satan always attacks you when you east expect it...from the back...where you are vulnerable.  He wants you to back slide, start to retreat, back to your sin, back to your old life, back where you don't expect it, back where you are least prepared....Following me?  We are supposed to move forward, not move backwards.  When we are attacked, we need to face our sin forward and straight on, where we are the strongest, where our armor is protecting us and moving us forward.  I hope you take this to heart.

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