Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sweat. Blood. Pain. (Life)

If you've never heard of the Artist Brett Dennin-


the songs always get me thinking about what is really important in life.

Right now in the thows of trying so hard to make smart life decisions
I loose so much track of so many things-
and maybe life isnt so much a series of 'right choices'
but of love.
A good story- a good life-
isnt just a series of happy endings-
sometimes its hard
and the protagonist has to struggle.
Right now my station is raising money with Cross International for orphans in Mozambique-
just read the post below this one for more. But What Im really trying to say here is that picture makes me change my perspective on life as I know it again. I think that we get so used to 'knowing the right answers' that we dont really engage life- we just select the right answer and move on to the next question that doesnt acutally engage us to think critically and deeply at all. It's just scenes on stage in an ever changing drama of life and we say our memorized lines and then exit stage left.

Is that it?

I have deep dreams right now and it feels like I cant and will never realize any of them... I'll just be stuck in sales for the rest of my life. That's exactly how it feels and it's hard and I have to struggle to save a piece of my soul from corporate America. But I know deep down I crave a change- a fresh breath- from right now. What are we doing with our deep dreams?
Dont you find it funny how easy it is to be on fire for them one moment and then rationalize them away the next?

When it comes to life and God and love and people- I dont want to just memorize my lines and take my bow- i want to live- even if it's bloody and sweaty and greasy and doesnt always make much sense. I would rather live my life than not. And I think that's exactly what God is challenging us to do right now... the trick is starting- committing to the dreams we have inside- even if they're little or hard or small or even HUGE. This living of life will change us- this chasing of God will develop us. It is all or nothing- never or always. It is all the difference or none. I feel like I could scream- if only I werent in a little office cubicle right now. But when I go home I just veg out on my new computer... REALLY?

I just feel like of all the more heart moving life symphonies of ideas and notions which capture mens hearts and souls- i wouldnt be a spectator- I would be the conductor. That is who I am. And if I perservere I do it because I have hope that wont die- I have faith that God and I walk together each day- that life is unexpected and spontaneous...

I intend to live life.
Really live.

And dare to be wrong and challenge the status quo
and think for myself
and actually realize my dreams
even when my strength and spirit ebb...
i wont quit. Ever.

Because the God who gave me this life doesnt, either.


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