Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Long Road

I think that most of us deep down like to think we can control our own destinies.
Im not saying everything is predetermined here, just that some of our paths
- given our own choices-
tend to roll out before us a certain way. Something encouraging for me lately was something my wife, Steph,

that if it's meant to be, it will happen.

I think that this happens more often when we're actively searching for something with all our hearts.
When we say to ourselves- this is my course, but as for the details of the destination- what will be, will be. Im probably rolling this all around in my head because I just got back from a long road trip to Illinois.
When we are searching, with right hearts and attitudes- with good friends for good council-
we are typically more able to notice God at his handy work- determining our steps for a long road ahead.
And often, the hard places are just exactly where we need to learn the essential skills for the next big leap.
Although, I admit, it doesnt to do much to relieve the the tough places very much, while you're still in them.
Maybe a lesson we can take, by backing up and doing our very best to feel out the whole situation,
is to see that God is good.
God is good in the very big things- the important things- the essential things; but also in the little, the small, the unnoticed, unassuming and unimportant, too. Even when we dont have good friends around us for good council, or the right heart or mindset- what does that matter to God? In his very nature, he is Good.
And that is something to trust, even if you cant see it at the time.
Just something to think about...


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