Monday, June 6, 2011

True North

Trusting God is a tough thing when we try to orientate God to our problem- our life- our perspectives... its almost as if we're saying we dont trust him enough to take care of us... so we demand he plays by our rules instead of the other way around. I mean, if we're dealing with a God who is love here, wouldnt he already know at our deepest level, what we really need? Wouldnt he already have a plan- a purpose- a dream for us? Wouldnt he already be there, in our futures, waiting?

We like saying how we did this- or we did that... we like having that sort of claim to personal power
- like captains of our own ships-
But I think God is like the vastness of the sea waves- endless from horizon to horizon-
I think God is like the ocean winds- blowing us along to distant lands and far havens.
Sometimes I think we are just a ship in winds and waters like these- where we do not so much seek our destinations, but that they seek us out...
that whether we are already docked or lost in a storm, God sails with us, and we see what sort of people we really are.

Each day he was with us all this long past year. Each day, he got us through. Each day.
So how could he not help us through today also?
Or tomorrow?
There is nothing so big or so small as something God isnt already there, helping us- and there is the power of his strength- not in us, but just Him.
What is our own strength or will anyway?
I think we really need to quit pointing our self-worth compasses back to ourselves... because I think that no matter how we steer in the end, we'll never be true-north- for that is the region of God.
A place for Him to lead US to.
And all the waters flow there...

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