Friday, June 17, 2011

A matter of perspective.

A Matter of Perspective.

I was watching Good morning America today and they had a young lady on the show who was involved with the Anthony Wiener scandal.  I'm not sure what I was expecting her to say, maybe sorry to his wife and family, maybe that she regretted everything and really felt bad about being involved with a married man. It was the opposite of what I thought she's say.  It was along the lines of "I don't regret it" and "we are just two adults in an adult interaction."  The interviewing news anchor quickly pointed out that one of those adults was married and acting inappropriately and that he has a pregnant wife at home.  The girl's response?  "I wasn't really thinking about his wife."  The kicker in all of this is that this young lady claims to be an employee of a Christian organization, and claims to be a Christian.Wow.  I sometimes forget that  our world's view of sin is so skewed.  Our perceptions of right and wrong are blurred.  Sin is a disease and I only say it like that because this sense of apathy that we carry around in the United States is contagious.  It makes me sad to watch the news.  People who claim to be upright and down to earth are sleeping around, having illegitimate children with the maid, sending sexual messages via twitter and facebook.  Where does it stop?  Do we feel apathetic because its on a computer, so we don't quite take it seriously? Not until it hurts somebody? Or maybe we only worry when we get caught.  Would we stop if we didn't get found out?  We've got this all wrong.  We don't think about the consequences.  People today only care about something when they get caught, and even then, after their sin has gotten bigger and done some damage, the only thing they say is "I don't regret it, We're both adults"  The world is sick...So sick it doesn't even know its sick anymore.  We've got to change our perspective. We have to re-define what it means to follow Christ and stand for truth, honor and integrity.  We have to re-teach the world how to feel remorse and what redemption and forgiveness mean.  The world and the people in it need that now more than ever.  Just watch the news.


  1. Boy what a skewed world we live in! I guess when we read 2 timothy 3 it explains a lot. So sad when people don't realize the consequences of their actions and how many people it effects!

  2. you will see that what is right will speak for itself- encouraging the strength of humility, not pride- love- not hate.