Friday, September 30, 2011

Why We're Leaving Church...

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Anyways, I've been wanting to tip everyone off to yet another amazingly thought-provoking book called

...(drum roll please)...

"You Lost ME.
Why Young Christians Are Leaving the Church...
And Rethinking Faith"

It was like a lightning bolt out of a clear, blue sky. It helped express much of the frustration I've actually been venting off on this blog and also through Speakeasy radio (sat nights @ 6p on ). You see, it's not just that churches and Christians need to have new services and new product design- new t-shirts and new worship songs- its that the world has changed- and frankly, when it comes down  to it, we've sort of been left in the dust.

Here's what I mean:
before, the entire western culture was centered, arguably, around Church. Churches expected to merely open their doors on Sunday and have congregation members. Hymns were enough and Sunday School lessons were considered Tech-Saavy if they included depictions of flannel-board Jesuses... the deep questions that most people were asking en masse were satisfactorily answered. God was represented well and everyone seemed happy.

But something happened between then and now.

The world kept on moving,
society changed
new questions started being asked,
new questions which inherently demanded a new, wider way of thinking-
and for the most part, the church chose to dig in to how it usually did things... and we often didnt see other questions as credible if they didnt speak our Christian language.

We choose to see the unsaved as lepers- sad depressed degenerates, next to animals and needing to be saved.

We never saw that the world was changing, and suddenly the roles were reversed- suddenly it was the world asking questions of us- challenging our legitimacy through the countless lives of real individuals with real hopes, real fears and real challenges to overcome.

The 'enemy' was in the gates, too. We were raised right, and encouraged to ask questions and, for the most part, come to our own conclusions within the church- so long as we arrived to the previously concluded, elder-board answers... and when we began, overwhelmingly, to ask questions which the very fabric of the words used were next to incomprehensible to the status-quo- we were either absorbed, exiled or quietly tolerated for respects' sake.

Now pastors ask me what sort of service should attract university students... and im at a loss at how to answer, because it takes someone who can not only name off worship songs and bible references, but someone who has walked in young people's shoes, and understands the dialogue of everyday life which occurs between classes and the social scene-

between Facebook and the party.

between tweets and the bar.

there is a new culture- a new fabric- a new city-scape of life which must be entirely integrated into our faith-lives. It is simply not enough that we should know about the bible or God- it is that we must take all our faith, all of our real encounters with God and say,

ASSUMING all this, now what.



I guess what im really trying to say here is -
check out the book "You Lost Me."
and listen to Speakeasy this Saturday at 6p MST (listen live at
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  1. I checked out this guy's website...very interesting. From my own experience, YES, I have hated church and Christians.....but throughout Church history there has been a constant cycle of what we are seeing today. The church loses the simplicity of the Gospel message, through programs and "works" oriented messages....therefore, the church loses it's "power" and relevance...then, the Spirit of God moves upon the hungry souls....they want a REAL relationship, with a LIVING God....not "church"....then, revival breaks out, and the "church" becomes vital and full of the Holy Spirit, again....and the love of Christ, and the CROSS, and the message of the Gospel becomes REAL!! So, I would say, when the "church" is dead, the Lord loves the opportunity to show a REAL, LIVING GOD! That is what He did in my wasn't "church" that showed me who He was Himself....and His Word....and His Holy Spirit!! Praise God that He is not afraid of what happens in the "church"....He uses it all to make heart hunger for TRUTH and ready to receive Jesus and the Gospel message!!! And we don't need "research" studies to figure this out...:>)

  2. Im really glad you checked out You Lost Me's website- I can see how it got you thinking and expressing more about how God is working today. I can definitely a similar cycle in history, though it may be a bit simplistic.. (God works just as dynamically and personally compared to back then as now)

    To be fair, I think that God works through both faith and works, because they both need each other simultaneously in order to best reflect a lover of God alive and active in their faith and the world they live in.

    Im really glad that your passion for the living, real God comes spilling out- I think you're right on.. I can tell from the vocab in your comment and the wonderful content of your own personal blog that you see God and spirituality very uniquely. In one of my radio shows we talked about how not everyone is 'in' on the same conversation many Christians are. We all dont speak and understand the world around us the same. This is why I think you ought to at least respect that God can and actually does speak through research, just like the Barna Institute produces. Because each percentage reflects real people with equally real relationships with the same God we love and live for each day.

    Keep on blogging and loving-
    thanks for the comment-